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The World’s Most Comprehensive App Covering Advanced Healthcare Directives, Living Wills and Power of Attorney.

We help families make the right choices
and reduce guilt during a difficult time.

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Our Advanced Healthcare Directive Action Plan guides you through your choices, and even sends you reminders. You can update and access it anytime and anywhere.


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Once you’ve captured your wishes, share your plan with your designated healthcare agent, loved ones, doctors, or attorney. Your advance directives are 100% accessible to them at any time, from any device.

Here's my story.

A few years ago, my father suffered an unpredictable, life-ending stroke.

It was during this 32-day journey that I realized a living will and the common preparation most of us have in place for this sort of event are simply not enough to prepare and help our families know what to do when a critical, life event like this takes place. I became determined to help others avoid what I had been through.

My Living Wishes® was born out of this personal experience. Today we provide the only Advanced Healthcare Directive Action Plan which allows you to proactively create, review, update, and share your specific advance directive wishes. Our desire is to help family members make the right choices and reduce grief-stricken guilt at a highly emotional and difficult time. We hope it brings you peace.



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Don't take our word for it.

  • "As an emergency physician of 20 years, My Living Wishes provides me with a useful and accessible tool I can use to help a family navigate these decisions in the way their loved one wanted."dr. matthew mc devitt / emergency physician


You are in control.

Your advance directives in your Healthcare Directive Action Plan are yours and you can update them at any time. Throughout your planning, we will help educate you on different options, so you can choose what is best for you.

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It doesn't matter where you are. From any connected mobile device, you and your designated healthcare agency and healthcare providers can access your documented wishes should they need to do so.

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From our Blog

We often get asked, why do you need a living will or advanced directives. And, generally speaking, while a living will is for you, it is really for your family to help them make the right choices that honor your wishes.

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Provide the clarity and peace of mind your family will apricate in stressful times.

End-of-life care is rarely something people think about. It is not a pleasant topic and can bring up tough conversations and unpleasant emotions. Unfortunately, avoiding the topic may mean that by the time you need an advanced healthcare directive or a living will, it may be too late.

Advanced Healthcare Directives are designed to make sure your end-of-life wishes are followed. Without a living will, making tough decisions about your life-sustaining medical treatments are left in the hands of your family or doctors. Despite having the best intentions, the emotional state of your loved ones or state and federal laws can influence or even prevent your wishes from being followed. Having a Living will helps to ensure that you maintain control of your healthcare wishes when you’re unable to speak for yourself. It also helps relieve the stress and burden from your family when they are forced to make terribly difficult choices.

My Living Wishes provides an easy and affordable way to create an online living will.  This is an easy-to-use tool designed to make sure your healthcare wishes are followed. In the event that you become terminally ill and/or permanently incapacitated, the My Living Wishes app communicates your choices and provides guidance to your loved ones and medical staff.

Our service makes sure everything people need is stored online and available instantly. You don’t need to worry about finding copies of a paper document or making sure that doctors and family have the most recent copy of your living will. You can share your end-of-life wishes with your healthcare proxy, loved ones, and even physicians. Any updates or changes are stored and visible when someone accesses the application. This way, everyone who may need to be aware of your needs will be.

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