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  1. Generally

    My Living Wishes, LLC (“We” and “Us” and “Our” with respect to our products and services) owns and operates the website My Living Wishes (“Website”) and the products described on the Website, including any of Our applications you may download (the Website, Our applications, and Our products and services “Products”).

    Our Products are designed in part to facilitate your (“You” and “Yourself” and “Your”) participation in loyalty rewards programs with merchants, retailers, and vendors who are Our customers (“Merchants”).

    By separate agreement with Us, Merchants subscribe to use certain of Our Products, which allows them to analyze Your information and Your use of Our Products, to administer and manage their customer loyalty programs and to send You (email, text, and otherwise) information (including but not limited to marketing information) about their businesses, products, promotions, and services (“Communications”).

    This My Living Wishes PRIVACY POLICY – User (“Policy”) is part of the agreement (“Agreement”) between You and Us. The Agreement also includes Our Terms and Conditions – User (“Terms and Conditions”).

    This Policy describes information We collect from and about You and how We use and share that information. You should contact Us in writing with any with questions You have about this Policy.

    We may change parts of this Policy from time-to-time and at any time, and therefore You should review this Policy periodically.

  2. Acceptance

    By Using Our Products, by checking or clicking any acceptance box or button, by submitting any information to Us, by downloading one of Our applications, or by using one of Our applications or the Website (“Use”), You accept the Agreement and agree to this Policy and to the sharing and use of Your Information (defined below) as set forth in this Policy.

    If You do not agree with any part of this Policy, then You should not Use Our Products.

  3. Information We collect — generally

    In connection with your Use, You may be asked to give Us and/or We may collect Your Personal Information (defined below), Non-Personal Information (also defined below), and Your Technical Information (also defined below) (Your Personal Information, Non-Personal Information, and Technical Information “Information”).

  4. Information We collect – Personal Information

    Personal Information for purposes of this Policy that We may collect from Your Use means Your:

    • address;
    • banking information;
    • birthday;
    • business information;
    • cell phone number;
    • credit card information;
    • email address(es);
    • name;
    • phone number; and,
    • social media (e.g. Facebook and/or Twitter) information (e.g. username).
  5. Information We collect – Non-Personal Information

    Non-Personal Information for purposes of this Policy that We may collect from Your Use includes, but is not limited to:

    • Information regarding Your Use, such as application use (e.g. clicks, date, swipes, time, idle time), purchase activity, and location;
    • Information You post on social media sites;
    • Information from Your use of a Partner’s website or from Your use of one of Our micro websites within a Partner’s website or from one of Our applications linked to a Merchant’s website;
    • Information (such as, but not limited to, Your purchase information) received through interfaces with a Partner’s point of sale or other application;
    • Information related to Your use of Merchants’ websites and Our Products collected through standard internet tools, like web beacons;
    • Information You provide through a contact or similar feature built in to any of the Products; or,
    • Information collected from cookies.

    Regarding cookies — When You visit Our Website, We may collect cookies (small files of information stored on Your computer). Cookies store information about Your visit, such as aggregate information on Your use of Our Website, including but not limited to navigation patterns, pages visited, and session counts. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. To use all of the features of Our Website, You may need to accept cookies.

  6. Information We collect – Technical Information

    Technical Information for purposes of this Policy that We may collect from Your Use includes, but is not limited to:

    • Your IP address and location;
    • if You come to Our Website from banner advertisements, an identification number related to Your visit; and,
    • Your device-specific information, such as Your hardware model, mobile network information, operating system version, and unique device identifiers.
  7. Our Policy, generally

    We will not share Your Personal Information with unaffiliated companies or third parties, except:

    • as You authorize (including as authorized by Your Use);
    • as described on Our Website, in Our Terms and Conditions, or as set out in this Policy;
    • with Our actual and prospective affiliates, joint-venture partners, Merchants, resellers, and/or service providers;
    • in connection with Our customizing, enhancing, maintaining, providing, and updating Our Products;
    • as may be required by law (e.g. a subpoena) or court order or as We determine necessary to protect or defend Our rights; or,
    • to the extent We believe necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action related to actual or suspected illegal activity, fraud, threats to persons or property (intangible and tangible), or violations of Our Terms and Conditions.
  8. How We use Your Information

    Generally, We use Your Information to enable Us (directly or through Our sharing it with third-party service providers or Merchants) to customize, enhance, maintain, provide, and update Our Products. And We share Your information with Our Merchants to allow them to analyze it and to administer their loyalty/rewards programs and to market their products and services to You and to others.

    Also, by example:

    • We may use Information about You (e.g. Your purchase information, such as amount spent, number of purchases, purchase location, and timing, or of the fact that You did not make a purchase) for the purpose of performing analytics, consumer research, customer segmentation, demographic studies, and marketing optimization. This information or these studies may then be used by Us, or We may share it with Merchants for them to market products or services to You and others;
    • We may share Your Information (aggregated and otherwise) with third parties (including Merchants) for their own demographic and marketing purposes. When shared on an aggregated basis, this Information does not include Your Personal Information. Non-aggregated data shared will include Your Personal Information;
    • Our Products may be offered in conjunction with or through affiliates, other companies (e.g. resellers), or other websites. In these cases, We may share Your Information with these other parties, who may use it to provide You and others with their products and services and/or Our Products, and these other parties may share Your Information with their affiliates, customers, partners, and service providers;
    • We may share Your Information when We (in our discretion) believe this is necessary to contact, identify, or bring legal action against someone (whether You or a third person) who may be causing (or may intend to cause) damage to or interference with Our products or anyone else (including Merchants) or their products or services;
    • We may use different technologies to determine Your location, and at the time of Your Use, We may collect, process, and use Information about Your location, particularly if associated with an actual or potential transaction with a Merchant; and,
    • We may negotiate to sell or transfer or actually sell or transfer some or all of Our Products or Our company to a third party, on one or more occasions, or We may merge with another entity, and in any such case(s) Your Information will be disclosed to such third party transferee(s) (prospective or otherwise). By Your Use, You acknowledge and agree such transfer(s) may occur, and that any acquirer of Us or of Our Products may continue to use Your Information as set forth in this Policy.
  9. Changes to Your information

    We may alter, delete, or modify Your Information if We believe, in Our discretion, it is desirable or necessary to do so.

    Applicable law may require that We store certain of Your Information, and therefore these laws may prevent Us from deleting it. Further, to the extent We have provided Your Information to third parties, We will not be able to delete it. We or Our Merchants may send You emails or texts to alert You to various offers or other opportunities. If You do not want to receive emails or texts from Us, please send an email to Us at ____@mylivingwishes with the word “remove” in the subject line. In the case of emails or texts from Merchants, You must contact them directly to have Yourself removed from their transmissions. We have no control of over Merchants’ Communications to You.

  10. Children

    Children (people under 13) are not authorized to use Our Products and should not submit any information to Us. We will not collect Information from anyone We know is under 13.

  11. Security

    We take steps to keep Your Information secure from unauthorized access and use. We use industry-standard secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption technology, which encodes Your Personal Information as it travels over the Internet. This technology requires an SSL-capable browser. While We have taken these steps to protect Your Personal Information, We cannot and do not guarantee Your Personal Information will not be intercepted by others and decrypted. Further, we cannot and do not have any control over a Merchant’s protection of your Information.

  12. Third party applications and websites

    The Products may contain links to applications and/or websites of third parties (including Merchants). Any such link does not imply Our endorsement of these applications and/or websites or of the products and services associated with them. Our Policy does not apply to Your use of these third party applications and/or websites. We have no control over these third parties’ privacy policies or how they handle or treat Your information. Our Policy applies only to Your Use and to how We may use Your Information.

  13. Contact

    Please contact Us with any questions about this Policy.

    My Living Wishes, LLC
    6227 S Santa Fe Drive
    Littleton, CO 80120



Updated on 8.10.15