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How Advance Directives Work

Your Advanced Life Directive and Living Will

While You Still Can

We believe that life and family should be celebrated. That is why we help you and your family create your own advance directives while you still can. Then, you can still enjoy life, friends, and family with the peace of mind that your wishes are documented and clear. After all, it is better to make these choices when everyone is of sound mind and not facing a stressful and critical life event.

Your Healthcare Directive Action Plan – Always in Your Control

Did you know that when you enter a hospital, you are often asked important questions about how you would like your healthcare carried out? You may not even realize they are asking important questions about advanced care planning and advanced directives at that stressful time.

Our exclusive Healthcare Directive Action Plan allows you to proactively answer all those same questions ahead of time so you can plan your advance directives for your living will. While setting up your plan, the system guides you through critical decisions and options in order that you have a complete plan when it comes to your medical care and treatment. Most importantly, it empowers your family to honor and respect your wishes and preserve your dignity – removing them from any grief-stricken guilt and pain during a stressful time.

The Healthcare Directive Action Plan:

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Anytime. Anywhere

Always Accessible

Your advanced life directive is a living will that is always assessable and secure. Your chosen healthcare agent, family members, designated physician, attorney and more can access your information from anywhere through a connected mobile device.


Adaptable and Flexible

Reminders and Updates

We know that plans and life choices change. You will be sent periodic reminders to review your plan, and if you desire, you can make modifications and share those changes with loved ones and your designated healthcare agent.

See Your Options

Legal Document

No Legal Fees

Your Healthcare Directive Action Plan is your living will and advanced directives for your medical care. It is a 100% legal document that you would spend thousands of dollars for an attorney to draft for you, plus additional fees for updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an advanced directive?

And advanced directive is a living will that documents your wishes regarding medical treatment at the end of life. It is created to ensure your wishes are carried out should you not be able to communicate them to a doctor.

Is this a legal document?

Yes, this is a living will that will be carried out by your designated healthcare agent, whom you will appoint in the system while setting up your Healthcare Directive Action Plan.

 Is it secure?

All your information and plans are 100% secure. They are only accessible to you and those you designate to share your plan with. This includes your healthcare agent, healthcare providers, chosen family members, attorney, and more.

What is a healthcare agent?

Your healthcare agent is the person(s) you designate to carry out your wishes. This could be a family member or close friend. They are the person(s) you trust to honor your living will and advanced directives. This person is named in your Medical Durable Power of Attorney.

How much does it cost?

Only $29.95 per year and requires no legal fees.