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How do you draft a living will?

Posted on: July 29th, 2022 by EOS Healthcare Marketing

A living will is a legal document and form of advance directive expressing your healthcare decisions at the end of your life. It is only used if you are unable to communicate your wishes yourself. If you don’t have a living will in place, your closest loved ones or family members must make the hard decisions concerning your end-of-life healthcare, including medical treatment, procedures, and medication. Drafting a living will does not have to be complicated. Take a moment to read through the following overview and consider getting help from My Living Wishes.

Decisions that Need to Be Part of a Living Will

Consider your decisions carefully before including them in your living will. Your end of life care is a serious matter, so take some time to think about it, talk it over with loved ones, and discuss it with your healthcare team. 

Your living will should include the following elements:

Notes on the storage and distribution of your living will

When your living will is complete, you will want to keep a copy for yourself, give a copy to your healthcare provider and your local hospital, and consider giving a copy of your health care documents to a loved one. Keep your living will in a safe place at your home, preferably with other end-of-life documents, such as your estate planning documents. End-of-life wishes can change over time, so be sure to revisit your living will occasionally. If you need to make updates, you can create a new living will.

My Living Wishes Makes It Easy to Create a Living Will

When you work with My Living Wishes, we guide you through the living will process step-by-step. We make sure your living will is applicable to your state’s laws. We can do all the research for you and then help you fill out the form, so it expresses your exact wishes regarding

My Living Wishes takes you through all the important considerations concerning your end-of-life healthcare step by step, so you have peace of mind. 

My Living Wishes stores your living will in our online database, and we keep it constantly updated to your most recent revision. The people who need access to your living will, such as your doctor, have easy access to the online document. You don’t need to worry about distributing a hard copy every time you make an update. More importantly, you don’t need to worry about an old version of your advance health care directive getting in front of medical professionals.

Many people like the idea of making a living will, but they don’t know how to do it. My Living Wishes is the answer. We do the work for you, so you can live your life in peace, knowing your end-of-life healthcare decisions have been expressed legally. Contact us to learn more about living wills and our services.