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What Happens if you don’t have a living will?

Posted on: October 11th, 2021 by EOS Healthcare Marketing

Why all adults should have a living will

A living will is your voice concerning your healthcare when you are no longer able to express yourself. It is a written, legally-binding document, and it guides your doctors’ decisions at the end of your life. Here’s why adults should seriously consider making a living will.

Put your wishes into action when it matters

A living will only comes into effect when you are alive but unable to make decisions concerning your own healthcare. For instance, you may have been in a serious accident and are unconscious, or you may have a terminal illness and are nearing the end of your life. If you have a living will, your wishes concerning your medical treatments can be put into action.

Peace of mind for family members

If you don’t have a living will, the decision to keep you on life support or take you off life support may rest on the shoulders of your closest family members. This can be a very difficult decision for someone who loves you dearly. Put your family members at ease by expressing your own wishes in writing. In this way, your family members can experience peace of mind knowing your medical treatment was handled the way you wanted it.

You are still in control

Making a living will for yourself gives you peace of mind, too. You can know that you are still calling the shots even though your body and brain are no longer cooperating. One of the reasons people want to not be put on life support is because the medical costs of life support could be a serious drain on their family. Knowing that you won’t be that type of burden can be a huge relief for you now.

Start Planning Now

Even if you are a healthy adult, your decision to make a living will is wise. Sudden illnesses or accidents can happen at any time, so it is best to be prepared. Let My Living Wishes help you prepare your living will and other end-of-life documents. Contact us today to get started.