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How Do You Write a Living Will Without a Lawyer’s Assistance?

Posted on: April 12th, 2021 by Chad Hill

Writing a Living Will Without a Lawyer’s Assistance?

A living will is a legal document, but it doesn’t require a lawyer to create one. If you do have a lawyer, he or she can create one for you. Keep reading to find out how to create a living will without a lawyer.

Get the Proper Form

The state you live in determines which form you need to complete. First, find out what your state requires. My Living Wishes can help you with this process. If you don’t meet your state’s specific specifications, your living will might not be enforceable.

Be Specific

As you fill out the form, you want to be as specific as possible concerning your wishes. You may want to express your choices concerning the following medical treatments and procedures:

Sign Your Living Will

Your living will needs to be signed by you in the presence of witnesses.


Make sure your primary care physician has a copy of your living will. You may also want other members of your health care team to have a copy on file. Keep a copy at home in a safe place. You can revise your living will at any time by filling out a new document, but you need to make sure you replace all old copies of the living will with new copies.


My Living Wishes will help you with all your end-of-life planning. We make a difficult process simple for you using our online app, so you can breathe easier knowing you have planned well. Instead of managing everything yourself, our service helps you make a living will online. Learn how you can make sure your wishes are followed when you are no longer able to advocate for yourself. Now is a great time to get started.